Friday, February 3, 2012

Shy FX Live on The Prophecy 89.5 Toronto 1998

Many different recordings of this set are online, this one is mine. I also recorded some decent Hip Hop tunes that were on after the show later that night on this. Ellis Dee & Shy FX were in town for an AWOL show the night before at 11 Polson, one of the last bigger parties I went to in Toronto. I left the party at like 9 in the morning and headed off to the next party. I made it home that night at 10 PM on the Sunday and like I did every Sunday hit the record button. One of the best Prophecy shows I have heard, this show brought the party to where ever you ended up every Sunday for many years.
If your a fan of the Prophecy let us know. Easy Marcus & Shadow.

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  1. I've loved this set for the longest time! And all of the The Prophecy. I lost the CD I had it on years ago and I'm so glad to have found it.

    However, the link is broken. Please help!