Monday, January 4, 2010

Dimitri (US) Live at Pleasure Force Phuture Generation 1994



  1. major props 4 coming thru w/ this random gem - without a doubt thats Dmitry from Deee-Lite (NYC)... sealed the deal within 4 seconds of side A!

    I have no clue how this mix remained undetected by my radar beamz all these years; Dmitry's DJ sets from 1994/95 are among my favorite fucking things in the universe. Twerky, quirky latenite drugged-out jackin NY house is the best way to describe that sound - and by 1996 it was gone :(

    Thank you for sorting me out with this. Seriously got me stoked as f*ck ;)

    cheers / VS DC

  2. The second half of side B is Ruffneck from Toronto. Both sides of this are slammin, respect PMX.