Friday, January 29, 2010

Darren Jay @ Syrous 1994 Tape 2

Darren Jay & Dr. No

Find all the original Syrous sets at I'm gonna rip a few of my favorites on here at a higher bitrate. This is tape 2 from Syrous "Origin Unknown", an outdoor rave at the honeypot in the summer of '94.

Side B of this has to be something I have listened too a million fucking times back in the day.

Side A-
Side B-


  1. Have you got any of the tapes from the Syrous 4 'Renegades' event mate? Would absolutely love these sets! I tried sigma's forum but the sound quality was really poor due to the low bitrate.

  2. I used to have all the tapes. I know for sure I have the JJ Frost, cause I just seen it.